Open Source COVID19 Signage Pack

Signage Pack available for download

The full PDF file can be found by clicking HERE

Please find linked here our signage pack which has been developed and refined as part of a research project at ImaginationLancaster to explore how visual instructions impact the effectiveness of social distancing measures. Our signs use geometrical shapes in addition a palette of blue, green and yellow of mid tones to coordinate different instructions and information and create a fresh, friendly and confident tone.

Please feel free to use these signs in your place of work or business. You may send signs from this pack to a large format printing service with instructions on sizes for printing appropriate for your use.

If you do use these signs – please do us a favour, and post an image online with the tag #Lancsign so that we can track how far our signage has travelled! If you have any queries about the attached, please contact Des Fagan at Lancaster University on