Platform Development

Multi-user platform in development, allowing collaborative data to be created and visualised using a suite of software and hardware tools

We’re building a new piece of software here at Imagination, put simply it’s a “tool-kit architecture” but it has the promise of being so much more. Think of is as platform that deals with data and interaction so that developers are free to create visualisation functions (tools) that will help live realisation and structuring of information during conferences.

Our first port of call is a brainstorming suite that will allow multiple devices to interact with a smart board to build up a cloud of terms. Users can push terms to the board using their smart phone, build up reference networks to show relationships between the terms and apply multiple filters that will restructure the data in novel ways to offer new insights. These will include features such as weighting, voting and groups for simultaneous/asynchronous workflows that will allow conferences to seamlessly split into small taskforces to tackle a topic in depth and recombine the data. The most exciting feature we’re working on is a snapshot system that will allow the data to be profiled over time, meaning the conference can “rewind” to any period and begin anew or edit previous elements and integrate the data back into the current working set.

We’ll be working hard to get this developed quickly so that we can start benefitting from the advanced multi user input and developing the type of creative tools that we think will make a huge differences to our conferences and events in the future.