SDR UK workshop 02

Towards a mature Service Design Research field: building up the knowledge

The second workshop of SDR UK was held in the University of the Arts London. There was a mix of academics, designers and organisations looking into questions on how service design processes and outcomes can be better implemented, embedded, measured or scaled up.

We had presentations of three case studies representing respectively: 1) a redesign project, Experience Based Co-Design presented by Prof. Glenn Roberts, King’s College London; 2) a social change project related to alcohol use reduction presented by Dr. Mary Rose Cook (Uscreates) and Dr. Katie Collins (University of the West England); 3) a design for new ventures project, Circle presented by Jennie Winhall (Participle).

These presentations were aiming to provide an overview of the process and highlight issues related to implementation, embedding, measuring and scaling up. Based on these case studies we then developed the following activities:

1. Project Mapping: mapping and discussing the process using a traditional New Service Development cycle map;

2. Building the knowledge: discussing which principles, skills and knowledge designers working in healthcare, social change and for new ventures should have;

3. Emerging research questions: individually suggesting research questions that would need addressing in the future.

This workshop well represented the significant differences of design practice when working within existing systems (service re-design), within communities for social change or when working outside the system to set up a new venture.


SDR UK workshop 02