Speculative Design Workshops identify themes for future research on health ageing

and speculative design concepts

The two workshops run by the ImaginAging team in April (24th and 25th) in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, have helped identify four themes for future research on healthy ageing. The first workshop was targeted at citizens over 55 years old and the second workshop was aimed at professionals from research centres, NGOs and from policy makers.

The identified themes were:

1. Communication and social interaction: Enhancing communication and social interaction between senior citizens and their family and peers, through emergent technologies.

2. Independent living (physical mobility):Improving physical mobility to maintain independent living for senior and disabled citizens through assistive technology.

3. Personal health management: Employing centralised shared health data to develop a more efficient and accessible personalised healthcare service.

4. Food and nutrition for healthy ageing: Developing healthier personalised food services and policy for senior citizens and families.

The ImaginAging team utilised the workshop to also pilot test the participatory speculative design process embedded in the project. This has paved the way for a future research bid exploring with policy makers the use of speculative design for healthy ageing in Malaysia.

More information and details on the workshop activities and outcomes will be presented in a future blog.