The Future of TV

The Future of TV-workshop brought together experts from BBC’s R&D (Research and Development) section and students from the doctoral programme HighWire at Lancaster University

Together participants generated visions beyond today’s use of the medium and developed perspectives on the potential of and alternative futures for TV in the home. Based on findings from group activities, opportunities for research areas and collaboration between the BBC and Lancaster University were identified and research processes outlined.

Lancaster University and the BBC’s R&D department share a long and successful history of collaboration. This project builds on the strength of the relationship and takes advantage of the expertise in future technologies within the BBC and its outstanding role in the media landscape and Lancaster University’s potential in creating radical ideas. It is planned to give researchers from both organisations the opportunity to take part in an ongoing dialogue and become immersed in a creative process which both sides will benefit from.
The collaboration is planned to manifest itself through innovative research projects.