Using Open Innovation to Develop Inexpensive, Sustainable Fast Fashion and Other Possibilities with the OpTex project

The OpTex project started in earnest recently with a scoping workshop held in the fabulous INNVENTIA laboratories in Stockholm. In this project Imagination is helping this research institution to further develop its approaches to open innovation

This first workshop brought together engineers, innovators and designers excited by the prospects of creating textile like materials using papermaking technology.  Together we explored the potential for this new and emerging set of technologies. For example there is the potential for the commercial production of very environmentally friendly textiles at a very low cost and high production rate. You have seen a newspaper being printed, imagine that was textile that was 100% biodegradable and required hugely less chemical treatment than cotton to produce.

Imagination will be working on this phase of the OpTex project until the end of July 2015 with further events activities and tool design sessions planned between now and then