Workshop on designing preferable futures for a dementia-friendly society

We are recruiting creative people over 60 years of age to spend time with researchers from Lancaster University thinking about dementia and technology. We know that these topics are almost assured to frighten many people, so we’ve tried to plan an enjoyable experience drawing on participant’s life experience and creatively exploring futures for a dementia-friendly society.

Workshop Description

The ‘What If?’ project invites people over 60 to explore possible and preferable futures through a short series of design activities. As emergent technologies and the UK government’s dementia policy mix and shape our futures we want to explore the potential consequences and implications for people with dementia, their carers, families and society at large. In the workshop participants will work with a design researcher to create future design concepts in response to dementia policy. You don’t have to be a designer; you don’t even need to be able to draw. Participants just need to be willing to share some of their experiences and be prepared to explore new ideas.

Where and When

The main workshop will be held at Lancaster University’s Imagination Lab’s Design Studio on the 21st April from 10:00am to 3:00pm. A follow up workshop is pencilled in at the same times for 27th of April, so, hopefully we can inspire a few keen and committed participants to work with us to develop their concepts further. Hot and cold drinks will be available throughout the day and buffet lunch will be provided.

What happens next?

As participants, your work will help academics develop research methods to engage older people’s voices in social and technological futures debates. The project will be showcased online and at two public events, one in Lancashire, with interested organisations, and another at Westminster Palace, with the All-Party Design and Innovation Group.

For more information and to participate

For more information on the project or to register for free via this Eventbrite link or emailing Andy Darby (

Workshop Information Leaflet