2nd Active Parks Workshop Outcome

A shared vision and lots of great prototype activity ideas

In a great fun and intensive workshop our co-designers contributed to shaping a shared vision for the Active Parks ‘health trail’. Following a range of creative activities that involved grouping and ranking the values and ideas generated from the last co-design events a shared vision was derived.

Shared vision: A community space with fun and activities safe for everyone to enjoy

Looking at the posibilities and constraints of creating an interactive and playful casual activity trail our co-designers started generating very rich ideas of potential activities. The best ideas were the taken forward in a most creative session where workshop participants engaged in creating prototypes of the selected activities.

These included a phygital wind chimes activity, where you can create your own music in the traditional way or whilst interacting with your mobile phone and the digitally augmented chimes; a mobile phone generated zombie chase activity incorporating physical challenges in the park; a park discovery and exercise activity, where set challenges invite you to physically explore the park through interactive, enjoyable and playful stories and several more.

The team is currently working to fuse the activities and ideas that have emerged and to create a proof of conept protoype of one of these activities to demo in the “This Side of the River” event on the 28th of June.