Action Points Tool

A simple but effective tool for addressing action points in meetings

A Proud meeting for partners across Europe took place at the beginning of this week and in order to ensure that this meeting was an engaging experience for all of the participants, the New IDEAS and Proud team came together to develop a set of tools to be used throughout the meeting.

One of the most simple and effective of the tools was developed to enable participants in the meeting to go over action points from the last time they had met and mark their individual progress against each point.

The tool made this part of the meeting far more engaging in the form of a large table of action points with space next to each one for each partner to stick a coloured sticker that they believed best represented the actions they had taken.  The stickers were designed to be humorous and non-confrontational, for example, one of the stickers said ‘Oops, I forgot’, whilst another said ‘It’s done!’

The tool proved to be effective, with every partner taking part and recording their progress with each action point.  In addition to this, everyone present at the meeting could quickly and clearly see everyone’s progress once the table was completed.

The New IDEAS team hope to take this tool forward to be included in the knowledge exchange toolkit that is currently being refined due to its overall success and potential to be quickly implemented by others in various meetings.