Beyond the Castle secures Heritage Lottery Funding

Lancashire County Council received the news they’d been waiting for in securing £59,000 for the Heritage Lottery ‘Our Heritage’ Fund (HLF) for an 18 month programme of learning and engagement activities for the fascinating site explored in the PROUD co-design challenge ‘Beyond the Castle’

The funding is for the site beyond Lancaster’s Castle that we know so little about, but what is the birthplace of what we now know as the City of Lancaster. The geophysical survey of the site took place during the second week of May. Through a combination of techniques, this non-invasive survey will provide new information on the presence of roman and medieval archeology below the ground.

For the duration of the survey the council ran a pop-up shop in St Nicholas Arcade for 2 weeks where they hosted a series of events such as Armchair Archeology chats and displayed the latest images from the geophysical survey as it happened. The team on hand to capture memories from the past and ideas for the future from people who came into the shop to find out what it was all about.

As part of the HLF funded programme there will be regular conservation activities on site for volunteers and a series of events and activities to share the new learning with communities. This will help to develop a shared vision and way forward for the management of the site’s cultural and natural heritage.

The PROUD team at ImaginationLancaster are delighted to see the outcomes of the co-design process taken forwards in such a positive and creative way by Lancashire County Council and Lancaster City Council and wish them every success in this next phase of the project.

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