City Park Strategic Workshop

The purpose of the workshop was to explore the contrasting, overlapping strategic goals of policy makers and opinion shapers in Lancaster for areas such as transport, culture and heritage, environment and community engagement and how the City Park project could advance the strategic aims of the sectors to make a positive contribution to the economic, cultural and social wellbeing of the city.

By exploring what will be involved to realise future plans for the city, attendees highlighted their knowledge of the obstructions they foresee and developed solutions to overcome these that utilised participant’s networks and resources.

Participants ranged from Senior Managers and officers from County and City Councils from services including: Museums, Environmental Services, Planning, libraries, Marketing and Tourism, Public Realm, Archaeology, Strategic funding and Regeneration and Policy and the Lancaster Sustainability Partnership. 3 County and City Councilors represented the wards around the City Park area.

Others organisations represented were: The Civic Society, The Storey Gallery, The Chamber of Commerce and Malcom Reading Consultants who acted as representatives for The Duchy Observers from the wider project group and PROUD were there in an observer role to assist and support the group.

24 people attended in total.