DeEP comes to Lancaster for the 3rd Consortium meeting - February 2013

Lancaster University welcomes consortium members to progress work on DeEP European design innovation policy evaluation tool

Lancaster University recently hosted the third in the series of DeEP project workshops, held this time at ImaginationLancaster’s Imagination Lab and chaired by Prof. Rachel Cooper, DeEP consortium member and European Design Leadership Board member.

On this occasion representatives from all seven consortium members gathered to review progress and lay the foundations for the principal outcome of the project – the DeEP Evaluation Tool.

The workshop posed a number of broad questions: Where are we now? Where are we going? – and crucially, How are we going to get there? Each session featured facilitated discussions and activities which resulted in a thorough ‘shakedown’ of the concepts, frameworks and terminology developed to date.

In addition to confirming a common understanding of policy flow (in terms of graphical representation), delegates advanced work on evaluation approaches, methods and taxonomy – prior to the development of a set of micro and micro indicators.

Guiding principles for the DeEP Evaluation Tool were also established – we agreed that we will work towards developing ‘a prototype tool to enable policymakers to create an evaluation process for design policy’.