Event in the Park - A cup of tea/coffee for your idea

Great fun and lots of great ideas and responses to the project

Monday’s (5th May) event in the park was completed successfully. Active Park had a stand with a number of activities inviting visitors to the park to share their ideas and views on the health trail and the type of activities they would like to do in the park.

In a space of three hours we got over 25 unique participant responses from people across ages and groups (dog walkers, people who care for young children, older and retired people). We also got several Lego movies produced showcasing some of these ideas!

Our initial analysis of the feedback received suggest a close corellation with the responces received in our co-design workshop in April. We would now be prioritising theideas based on the response rate and taking them to our 2nd co-design workshop where several of these would be prototyped.