Having fun with the interactive xylophone in the park

and lots of exercise too

We could not resist the temptation and trialled out the interactive xylophone ourselves prior to the start of the event last Saturday.

As the videos portray it was such a great fun but an equally challenging physical activity at the same time.

In this video you can create your own musical tunes. The only prerequisite is that you have one of your hands positioned on the large painted hand in the xylophone, whilst you use your other hand to play any tune and test how far you can stretch. As it is based on conductive technology multiple players can engage at the same time provided there is a physical connection between them.

In this video we are pilot testing a mini game. The concept is to follow the numbers shown on the mobile phone to play ‘Twinkle ¬†Twinkle Little Star’ by touching the mobile on the mobile phone icons in the Xylophone. To play the tune you have to be very fast, move throughout the board to find the numbers, which makes it very challenging.