Helping the Public Sector be more creative an experts’ workshop at Dutch Design Week

This high level workshop held at Dutch Design Week brought together internationally recognized experts in public sector service design, policy and design thinking. In collaboration and co-delivered with Anna Winters, lead for the Creativity Team in the Scottish Government, the aim of this workshop was to to explore the key conditions for creativity to flourish in the public sector in general and in particular the Scottish Government.

To do this we explored a series of key questions

  • How can an organizational culture of creativity be cultivated in the Civil Service?
  • How can we help civil servants challenge their assumptions?
  • How can service users involvement in public sector innovation become the normal default position?
  • How can public sector innovation be incentivized without adopting a ‘market’ approach?
  • What is inspirational creative leadership in the public sector?
  • Do new physical spaces need to be created to promote creativity? If not how can creative spaces be established?
  • How can a greater proportion of great ideas be put into practice in the public sector?

These were used as a basis of discussion and in some cases lively argument. The results of these discussions are documented in a report of the event available to download here. This is part of an ongoing exploration of the role design and creativity can play in government from service delivery and design to policymaking. It also marks a milestone in the ongoing collaboration between the Creativity Team in the Scottish Government and Imagination Lancaster.


Creativity in the Civil Service – Masterclass in Dutch Design Week

Creativity in the Civil Service – Masterclass in Dutch Design Week

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