Interactive Xylophone musically dominates Lancaster's city centre for a day

receiving great attention from locals and visitors

The pilot testing of the second proof-of-concept interactive xylophone was an absolute success!

The new and improved version of the interactive xylophone included a very different design from the first version, including lights a different physical set-up and visual look-and-feel. This was set-up for a day in the central square in the town of Lancaster. In a space of five hours we had over 350 unique user engagements with the interactive xylophone.

People loved the new steampunk look and some people referred to it at the ‘musical bench’.

Our audience included families, older people, teenagers, adults of different ages and several children. The most positive aspect was seeing people across all age ranges engaging with the xylophone and especially seeing collaborative play between parents and kids, grandparents and grandchildren and between adults and older people.

The feedback and positive comments received were overwhelming! People expressed an interest in having such a playful artefact installed in their park and in schools.