Liveable Cities hosts second Sharing Cities Workshop in Birmingham this September

Have some interesting stories about sharing? Live in the Moseley and King's Heath area of Birmingham? If so, come to our workshop and share

After a very successful workshop in Lancaster earlier this year, the Sharing Cities team is going to be hosting its second Sharing Cities Workshop, this time in Birmingham. We are particularly interested in hearing from residents, community groups and organisations within the Moseley and King’s Heath area who share within the ward. Sharing could involve anything from a few neighbours adopting chickens to share eggs, to a large community group creating a website to share information about events in the area. If you share, we would like to hear from you!

Through a series of engaging design activities, the workshop will allow participants to discuss and debate how we might push the boundaries of sharing in cities, and how doing so might move us towards a more liveable future where we use less carbon, we are more careful about the resources we use and our wellbeing is enhanced.

If interested in participating, please contact Dr. Claire Coulton (