Mobilise! 2 project starts

In November 2020, we received some good news: we managed to secure some follow-on funding from the ESRC Impact and Acceleration Award to evaluate the work we did on the original Mobilise! project. We have called this new project Mobilise! 2.

Working with Elisavet Christou, Pinar Ceyhan and Adrian Gradinar, we have been using their Percent Evaluation framework to develop methods that will help us evaluate: (1) the active citizenship course we created; (2) the impact of the active citizenship course on those taking the course and those delivering the course.

Through the evaluations, we hope to roll out our revised course to other people and groups to use. We also want to better understand the short, medium and longer-term impact on learning about active citizenship for asylum seekers and refugees living in Lancaster and the UK.

Image from Nick Youngson, CC BY-SA 3.0.