Proud Master Classes Taking shape

The Master Class work package that Lancaster are leading as part of the Proud project took a big step forward recently with structures, techniques and topics fixed at a meeting in Eindhoven hosted by Capital D with Designregion Kortrijk from Belgium also in attendance

We will be delivering 3 different types of master classes across northern Europe, including France, Netherlands, Luxemburg, Germany, Belgium and of course the UK. These are

‘Nomadic’. Face top face (f2f) delivery, an expert going to a location and delivering an interactive session, normally with between 10-20 people. These could last for a day or half a day

Digital – low risk ‘broadcast’ spoke / hub model, delivery of content to partner locations from a central location. Sessions will be interactive with a local facilitator helping at each location.


Digital High Risk, highly experimental in nature these will have content delivery from a range of partner locations (as opposed to there being one centre in the low risk master classes). This could be between all partners or a subset, e.g. could be between 2 partners. The bigger the number of partners the greater the knowledge exchange potential but also greater risk. It was noted that these could be more suitable to trusted or student participants rather than VIP companies. Once we have delivered these successfully of course the risk is reduced.

The precise topics of these masterclasses will be fixed in the next week or two but is likely to include

1 Open Innovation for the Creative Industries: Myths, Hype (and real value), the face to face master class, Lead: Leon Cruickshank, Lancaster, Face to Face, with each partner

2 Material Workshop, connecting the materials exhibition to the real challenges in regions and across Europe, Lead Simone de Waart, Material Sense, Status:

3 Co-design in our region, what makes us special and how can we work together

4 Designing workshops for engaging with stakeholders: fun, effective and innovative

5 Managing group facilitation, how to maximise and respond to the dynamic elements of groups, how to work with groups with different perspectives and agendas.

5 Working with local community groups

6 New contract design: using a tool developed between Capital D and Tilburg University


Watch this space for specific news about these masterclasses and the dates that they will run in the next 2 years. These will be free but with strictly limmited numbers, if you would like to pre-regester your interest in one or more of these topics please contact the Proud Design Manager Gemma Coupe at coupeg1 [at] exchange [dot] lancs [dot] ac [dot] uk