PROUD seeks Designers and Creatives

Lancaster University is seeking to procure a pool of designers to work closely with the PROUD project team to develop innovative co-design interventions to address local co-design challenges, broadly looking at place, product and service design

We are looking for individuals / agencies with an inclusive approach to creativity beyond consultation, knowledge of the principles of co-design, along with a proven innovative approach to engaging with user-led processes. There are two separate but complementary roles envisaged:

The Co-Design Processes and Mechanisms Team will collaborate on the development of new approaches to co-design and knowledge exchange, this will include new processes, new approaches to workshop design and delivery, new techniques for engagement with a wide range of stakeholders including business, policy, academic and social groups.

The Subject Specialist Team will be engaged to undertake co-design interventions directly with client groups. These specialists will work collaboratively with the process team and the proud partners to co-design interventions in the projects we have identified in the Lancaster region. These projects include urban regeneration, product development, service and information design. We are looking for creatives with a depth of experience but also with the ability to think and act flexibly in the co-design process.

The full tender is available for download at

Deadline for return of tenders is 1pm on the 20th April 2012.