ScareBot goes to Wray Scarecrow Festival

ScareBot unveiled at the 2013 Wray Scarecrow Festival

During the May bank holiday weekend our design and development of ScareBot was revealed at the 2013 Wray Scarecrow Festival. Standing nearly 2.5 meters tall ScareBot is an interactive digital scarecrow designed with the help of the children attending the festival in 2012. ScareBot incorporates as wide range of technologies including an Android tablet, a Raspberry Pi, an Arduino, and LED lighting. ScareBot can be interacted with in a number of ways: he blows bubbles from his feet when you send him a text message, and will also text you back a thank you which includes the current date time and weather were he is located; he can play a wide range of sounds using RFID tokens; and you can put your own face on the tablet that makes ScareBot face using the webcam on his arm. Overall as the pictures show he proved a huge hit with the children and we will now take him on tour to tell the tale of our engagement with Wray.