Workshop Series: Next Generation Sustainability in Civil Engineering

Embedding new sustainability thinking into day-to-day activities of civil engineering can result in substantial social, economic and environmental benefits for all stakeholders, but, to date, sustainability in consulting engineering is still more of a reactive activity than a proactive one. Through engaging with Civil Engineering consultants, educators and regulators as stakeholders, the series of workshops aims to bring together fresh perspectives on sustainability in consulting engineering in the supply chain

A number of institutional blockages need to be overcome that constrain engineering consultants from embedding sustainability as a fundamental aspect of everything they do.
The Defining Next Generation Sustainability in Civil Engineering series of events will contribute to this goal by concentrating on enhancing the relationships between consultancy, education and policy makers. Participants in the workshops are encouraged to identify and address the constraints against embedding sustainability as a natural part of the consulting engineering contribution to the development of the built environment.
The workshop series is planned and delivered as a collaboration between Halcrow and ImaginationLancaster. Halcrow are committed to ‘work hard to understand project needs and apply the principles of sustainable development, offering solutions that meet clients’ economic, environmental and social requirements.’ While ImaginationLancaster, as a design-led research group, undertakes research into designing sustainable products, places and systems and designing knowledge exchange to support sustainability.