Additive Manufacturing Workshop

Last month, the IDEAS for Impact project delivered a workshop that brought together people from all faculties of the university sharing interests and experience in additive manufacturing technology

Workshop participants had the opportunity to talk to the whole group about their specific interests including research projects, connections they had both internally and externally and their expertise. These were positioned on a physical map using differently shaped, repositionable counters that enabled the group to easily see clusters and connected activity right across the university.

In order to build upon the initial mapping activity, the group were introduced to a new mapping tool that would enable small groups to construct a tube-line style map of areas they thought were particularly interesting or an area for further exploration, many across disciplines. These tube maps were shared with the entire group to conclude the session.

Following the workshop, the IDEAS for Impact team compiled a report for the group, which included a synthesised map of capabilities and questions produced during the event. This report and map has been circulated within and for the use of the group who attended the workshop, who can now use it as a reference for the new connections and increased dialogue that they have gained from the event.

As well as delivering the workshop and compiling the report, the IDEAS for Impact team planned the event and designed new mapping tools, which could be adapted and disseminated for use in future events for different research areas.