Co-designing a new collaborative forum with the Faculty of Science and Technology

New Ideas helping 'FST' to collaborate more effectively and provide a more coherent voice for feedback to strategic proposals through the design of a new series of forum events

One of the key aims of New Ideas is to help participants from accrosss the university to create their own innovative approaches to communication, collaboration and innovation. As part of this we ran a workshop on the 24th Feburary in the Imagination ceative facilitation space for the buisness mangers and knowlege transfure officers from the Faculty of Science and Technology.

This very disperate group from areas including computing, Enviromental Science and Engineering came together for almost the first time to spend a day with us to explore haw they could work together more effectivly. As part of this we pioleted a number of the tools that have emerged from our Ideas co-design project. These included the latest itteration of our new digital tools used for ideation, infomration structuring and grouping. We also trialed tools for planning, agenda setting and prioritisation.


Workshop Report – KE Forum FST

A workshop report documenting a workshop with the business development managers in the Faculty of Science and Technology

Download PDF [25MB]

Download PDF (25 MB)