Designing Spaces for Collaboration and Co-Design

In preparation for the PROUD project this workshop brought together designers and craft-workers from across the region to help shape the commissioning process of a new creative space in the Storey

The Designing Spaces for Creative Collaboration and Co-design workshop brought together a multidisciplinary group of designers, designer makers and craftspeople to spend a half day within the shell of the 3rd floor ‘art school’ space in the Storey Creative Industries Centre, generating design proposals for refurbishment of the space.

The workshop took the form of an exploration, creative reflection and discussion of potential design elements which would allow the area to function as a space for creative community collaboration. The idea is that people from local communities, creative industry professionals, academics, public services and third sector employees can work together in this space to identify the specific challenges facing the communities, and collaborate to propose design solutions.


Designing Spaces for Collaboration and Co-Design report

Documentation of the workshop to prepare for the PROUD co-design space

Download PDF [7MB]