Engaging With Design, a Confessional

We were invited to deliver a workshop hosted by the Creativity Team within the Scottish Government, who are responsible for organisational development, leadership and learning. The workshop aimed to explore the value design can bring to public sector activities

Engaging with Design: A Confessional, Morning Session

The interactive morning session explored the value design can bring to public sector activity in terms of policy development and service delivery. It introduced some successfully completed projects as case studies including a co-design project with 2,000 participants for Lancaster City Council, led by ImaginationLancaster. Building on this, the group honestly explored the best (and worst!) experiences that the participants in the session have had with design and designers in public services, this was used to build a framework for productive engagement with designers.

Engagement through Design, Afternoon Session

This interactive session was aimed at people in the public services who work with groups (community groups, stakeholders or colleagues/groups of others within public services themselves). Here ImaginationLancaster introduced a series of approaches, techniques and tools that could be either used directly in workshops or consultation events or can be adapted to fit the particular needs of participants attending the Engagement session. The aim here was to explore practical, grounded and easily implemented ideas.

Reports from the workshops are available to download


Engaging with Design: Design Professionals

A report from the morning workshop

 Download PDF [5MB]

Engaging with Design: Creative Consultation Report

A report from the afternoon workshop

Download PDF [10MB]

Best and Worst Scenario Tool

A mini comic strip for revealing people’s motivations at the start of a project

Download PDF [0.4MB]

Meeting Agenda Planning Tool

A tool to help groups plan effective meetings

Download PDF [0.2MB]

Who Are you? 5 Lines Tool

An energising icebreaker tool

Download PDF [0.4MB]

Superhero Tool

A tool to encourage discussion around specific professions.

Download PDF [1MB]