Evaluation of New Facilitation Tools

A downloadable tool to help facilitators document and evaluate the new tools they employ in workshops and other sessions

We make lots on new tools (or approaches or structures) in Imagination and we are very keen to share these tools with others fro them to use. In return we are really interested in how tools are used, what role did they play in the session, did things go to plan?

In collaboration with the Creativity Team in the Scottish Government we have been developing a simple, one page tool that can document

1)   The basic characteristics of an event (size, participants and so on)

2)   The outcomes or results of the workshop

3)   The skills used in conjunction with the tool used

4)   Any suggestions for improvements

We trialed this first in an event organized and co-facilitated by the Creativity Team, we worked with a group of expert facilitators and engagement professionals in the Scottish Public Sector. You can see a detailed description of this event including a full report documenting here.

As a result we have produced a new version of the tool. You can down load this from the link below. The first red box is editable in Adobe PDF reader (available for free here). This will let you give the PDF your own project or tool title. Feel free to use and share this evaluation tool. Please tell us how you have used this and any suggestions for improvements


Facilitation Tool Evaluation

A tool to help facilitators document and evaluate new tools

Download PDF [0.7MB]