Good Place Innovators

Transforming communities through placed-based inter-connectivity between enterprise and design

A team of researchers, educators, and student fellows from LUMS and LICA connects design methods and the process of new venture planning through the project ‘Good Place Innovators’. It aims to contribute to developing a digital toolkit, DLAB, an accessible resource for students and lecturers to facilitate a design-led enterprising approach to local challenges and the utility of local community resources.

While carrying out the project, we will create a positive impact on society in a way to encourage more divergent and explorative approaches to developing locally desirable and sustainable enterprising ideas nested in the context of the needs of communities. The project will draw on the connection between the placed-based approach to enterprise and design recognised as the route to productivity and intentional innovation resulting in more resilient economy.

It is a 1-year project funded by Enterprise Educators UK (EEUK) started in September 2021 and the final outputs will be completed in July 2022. For the last six months, the prototype of DLAB was piloted and tested by twelve postgraduate students through Design Thinking and Innovation Module at Management School. Until the end of July, we will be refining, evaluating DLAB, and disseminating our project outcomes to a wider audience. You can find more details about the project on Good Place Innovators.