Power, protest and place in Delhi, India

Lancaster University headed to Dehli to facilitate a workshop on contentious spaces

As part of the Lancaster University-funded Remembering Resistance India project, Drs. Chris Boyko (LICA) and Sarah Marsden (PPR) travelled to Jawaharlal Nehru University this July to facilitate a workshop (sadly, our colleague, Dr. Ketan Alder, was not able to join us). The aim of the workshop was threefold:

  • To develop a network of people with shared interests able to support one another’s work on protest-power-place relations;
  • Identify specific themes to inform and progress a shared research agenda; and
  • Broker new relationships to inform future collaborations.

Through a series of talks, discussions and creative interactions with over 20 academics, activists and artists, we achieved our aims and learned a lot about power, protest and place in the Indian context.

Shortly, we will be producing a report about the workshop, which will be available on this webpage. We also will be developing a plan for how we would like to further develop our network and progress our thinking around various themes.

Many thanks goes to Dr. Gurram Srinivas at the Center for the Study of Social Systems in the School of Social Sciences at JNU for hosting us and providing a stimulating day of discussion.