Reporting on Patient Experience at Blackpool Victoria Hospital

Leapfrog is working closely with Rebecca Addey, a Paediatric Patient Experience Officer at Blackpool Victoria Hospital and her colleagues as part of the Rigorous Stories project at Lancaster

In a very productive and interesting workshop with Becci, we worked to understand and reflect on how the results from her engagement work travel up to strategic management in the hospital to inform decision making, through a series of diagrams on whiteboards.   Together we decided that we would concentrate on the design of tools to help with Becci’s own reporting and also how it is received by strategic management.  Following this, we examined the challenges and barriers faced in those areas.  The top five challenges we agreed to look at were:

  1. Making sure people read the report
  2. Making it clear and concise
  3. How to present the data (and translate it from the outcomes)
  4. Making it flexible to be used with different projects
  5. Feeding back to the young people

We then took each of these challenges and talked more about why it is challenging, what it involves and we started to generate ideas around the challenges for tools.

Together we made an action plan for the work Lancaster and Blackpool would do between now and when we next meet.  In the next meeting, we are aiming to explore wire frame style tool ideas and the requirements for reports from strategic management. We are excited to see what comes out of the project and believe it will relevant and useful to different organisations.