Health & Wellbeing in the City Design Jam

On Wednesday 30th of April, Imagination’s London Fusion team delivered their third highly interactive Design Jam. The Design Jam explored the health, demographic and wellbeing challenges and opportunities to create innovative services and products to enhance the lives of the residents of cities.

Dr Mags Adams (Lecturer at University of Salford with research interest in urban wellbeing and quality of life) gave an inspiring keynote speech during the event. Participants were asked to respond to the brief in groups by identifying the need, users and the solution that they will be offering as part of their service/product. The groups were then asked to present to a panel of judges who decided on a winner.

The winning team in this Design Jam was Get me Out of Here developed a service that allows mobility impaired users to access trains (booking, boarding and alighting) easily without barriers and without being forced to book the journey way in advance. The service will provide the train staff with data that identifies the location of the mobility impaired customer. Get Me Out of Here group are working together to make their idea a reality.