The Numbers That Matter Hackathon

Hackathon Weekender: open data & wearable tech - 15th-16th March (Sat/Sun) 10am start at Manchester Science Park

What happens when we bring together open data, smart devices, and wearable technology? We can visualise Numbers That Matter! Whether a death clock, a crime belt, or Sony patented Smart Wig, this hackathon looks at ways this technology can empower people and lead to improved wellbeing, for both individuals and communities. What numbers matter to you – or to people and communities you know?

The overall winner from the day, as voted for by a panel of judges, will win the opportunity to take their prototype to a full field trial with support from the Numbers That Matter team.

Entry is open to anyone; professional developers, activist hackers, design students, anthropologists, sociologists, geeks and social entrepreneurs are welcome, as is anyone who feels they can contribute to the day.

We’ll be making working prototypes of hardware and software on the day, so people with experience in these fields are important team members.

Design is a key aspect of usable devices and experiences – teams will need these skills to anticipate and plan meaningful devices.

We encourage collaboration between participants – if you don’t already have a team to work with, you can meet up with people at the start of the event. It’s easier to complete a hack if there’s a range of skills and people working together.

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